I have always enjoyed photography and carried a camera since I showed an interest as a teenager and a kind family member bought me a lovely 35mm compact.

How it began

For years photography was a casual pursuit. That began to change when I acquired my first DSLR some years ago now. I was drawn to landscapes and exhibited images as part of the annual Connected exhibition at Patchings Arts Centre. In 2013 I was part of the Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition at the National Theatre. In 2019 with environmental artist Diane Watson I exhibited ‘All Washed Up’ at Hartlepool Central Library on the theme ‘of ocean plastic pollution.

My photographs have been published in Amateur Photographer and Outdoor Photography magazines, and photograph illustrated articles can be seen online at On Landscape, 35MMC and Edge of Humanity.

How it changed

Through the years I have moved towards experimental and abstract photography of the street and the landscape using digital and vintage film cameras; questioning, observing and reflecting upon the concept and reality of time as I have grown older.

If that all sounds a bit serious, my photographic practice is about trying out new ideas which sometimes result in unique images. You could call it playing.

How I work

All of the images on this site are single exposures. Additionally, I have not used layers in post-production. Naturally, I use the digital darkroom to improve images, but my intent is to create their essence in camera at the time of exposure. I find this way of work both challenging yet greatly satisfying when something close to my vision emerges.