Every Picture Tells A Story

I have been interested for a while now in the idea of capturing an extended moment; not the decisive moment advocated by Henri Cartier-Bresson, but a slightly longer period of time, recording the everyday movement of life in a single frame.


This required me to take long exposures of between one and two seconds with a digital camera. The fruits of these explorations can be viewed here; The Speed of Life. One of digital’s great advantages is being able to experiment and undergo trial and error without any financial penalty; unlike film.


Then, a recent issue of Black and White Photography Magazine came bundled with a wonderful free book by Chris Gatcum called Plastic Cameras, a celebration of lo-fi photography. Amongst its pages was a curious orange coloured plastic camera called the Oktomat, an eight lens oddity that captured eight images on a single frame of 35mm over approximately 2.5 seconds. Well, I had to have one and give it a go. The idea of capturing everyday events this way held great appeal to me.

Over two consecutive balmy summer nights in early September I carried the Oktomat around Seaton Carew looking for snippets of stories and mundane events and observations. Below is my pick of the 38 exposures I managed from one roll. Click to view large.


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